We would like to welcome you to Lease Your Body, a revolutionary way of advertising! Our Participants agree to wear temporary tattoos (logos) supplied by Advertisers. By doing so, YOU can earn BIG $$$$$.In exchange, Advertisers (companies) can gain novel exposure for their business. Register and please remember to TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

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-What is an advertiser?
Advertisers are companies that browse through the profiles looking for participants to wear tattoos.

-How does this work for advertisers?
As an advertiser you can login into your account and browse through the participant profiles. When you find someone that catches your eye you can submit a form signifying your interest. Lease Your Body will forward it to the participant. Once the participant agrees, your company will make a payment to our escrow service. Additionally, you will send (via e-mail) a picture of a logo or text you would like to use for the tattoo, Your company will then receive a picture of the participant wearing the tattoo whereupon half the payment will be released to the participant. After half the contract period, another picture will be sent showing the participant continuing to wear the tattoo. The second portion will then be released to the participant.

-Does it cost anything to be an advertiser?
Absolutely not. Register today to start browsing all of our available profiles.

-Are there any additional fees besides choosing someone?
NO, the fee is taken from payment to the participant.

-What should I look for when choosing a participant?
Your company should review their profile for such things as sex, age, location, college, physical appearance, personality, and what they have to offer to your advertising goals.

-How do I know that the participant will follow through with the advertising?
We have an escrow system setup so participants will not get paid unless they are wearing your logos.

-Can I contract more than one participant at a time?
Not a problem, there is no limit to the number of participants that you can contract. We actually recommend getting more for more exposure.

-How can I help the Lease Your Body community grow?
By telling your friends, visiting often, and of course, contracting our participants.

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Congratulations to Sarah Dee! She has been chosen to wear the first temporary tattoo.
Click on her picture to see her profile. And don't forget to visit the Forum to read about her experiences!
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